NC Flea Market Outreach – Aug 22, 2015

On August 22, 2015, NewPath sponsored our second outreach to the NC Flea Market.  We brought the Kingdom of God to the public by setting up a vendor’s tent from 9-3 on Saturday!  During this time, many NewPath members came to help minister. We offered to pray for people for any needs – with no limitations!

It was a hot day, so we gave out small 8 oz ice waters (FREE) to the public as they walked by.  This was a great “ice breaker” (pardon the pun) and gave us an opportunity to pause and ask if we could pray for anything.   Many were open to this and were willing to receive prayer.  We also handed out FREE Bibles to those who could use one.

One of our NewPath members, Penny, took some notes about some of the prayer requests… here is her account:

This is actually a very short list of those that got ministered to. We can’t possibly keep track of them all. Many were ministered simply by an offer of free bottled water. Others were touched by the presence of God they felt during prayer. Some experienced prayer in a whole new way and began to realize that God is personally interested in them. Divine connections were taking place all throughout the day.

ncflea2An example is a lady came in for prayer for her son Jeremy struggling with drug addiction. While ministering to her in the tent, she mentioned that she attends a particular church. Someone else who “just happened” to be in the tent at the same time overheard her say the name of the church. She “just happened “ to be a minister at the same church. The woman in need was able to be connected right on the spot to a minister from her own church that could help her in dealing with her son’s addiction! What an amazing God to time that just right for such a connection!!

These are just some examples of the many exciting things that God did during our time at the fairgrounds. God displayed His love to others as we allowed Him to work through us. It really is a wonderful experience! Let us continue to step outside the walls. Not only of the walls of the church but even the walls we create around ourselves. Walls of comfort and protection. Let us dare to step outside the box and truly be God’s hands and feet as we seek to fulfill the Great Commission.

Here are some of the requests that we prayed for.. please keep these people in your prayers!

Prayer requests from the fairgrounds:

  • Lorraine- for strength and patience in being a caregiver for her mom with alzheimers
  • Lisa- wanted a general prayer for her family
  • Joanne- also general prayer for her family
  • Barbara- for her grandson Robert who is just “starting over”
  • Mary- for her dad who is taking care of her mom with dementia
  • Holly- a recovering alcoholic who is wanting to give back to other. She is in school to be a substance abuse counselor and also has just started a job. She asked for prayer for strength in juggling her new responsibilities and for her future impact on others.
  • Kim- prayer for continued healing and recovery from cancer that is now in remission
  • Paul- a prayer for blessing
  • Barry- for healing for leg pain
  • David- for direction for his life
  • Adell- Back pain
  • Mike- Back and leg pain
  • Joy- healing for knee and eyes
  • Hazel- for a job for landscaping or architecture
  • Lewis- Blessing
  • Nancy- healing for neck pain
  • Mike- healing for cancer
  • Karen- General pain
  • Conrad- Type 2 diabetes
  • Allen- has 98 year old mother needing prayer
  • Lisa- for healing of broken fingers and right hand
  • someone- a possible liver transplant
  • Namane Diabi- a vendor that we ministered to last time for healing for poor circulation said she was in need of a job. She is interested in cleaning and caregiving. She appreciates the prayer and left a number for anyone in need of service or has job leads. 919-436-9784