Healed of Stage 3 Pancreatic Cancer

On Sunday, 9/10/17, Karlla Philips and her father testified to an amazing healing from Pancreatic Cancer.  God is Good!

In March, we received the shocking news that our father had Pancreatic cancer.  Doctors said it was already stage 3.  Of course we had the normal feelings of anger at the doctors, for taking so long to diagnose this. But, our family got together and we trusted in Jesus as the Great Physician. We made the decision to bring Dad home to Raleigh from NJ.  He went through the standard treatments of radiation and chemo, and experienced the normal side effects.  However, we stayed […]

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Maria’s Story

I had a painful childhood, which led to a period of teenage rebellion. During that period I made many mistakes, including the decision to abort my first child. After the abortion I suffered incredible grief and could not forgive myself. It was during this time I found Jesus and once I understood the completeness of his grace, I was finally set free!

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